Storm Damage Claim Instructions

Can't afford your deductible?

We do the roof for what the insurance pays plus any Overhead and Profit the contractor earns from the insurance company. Any other work we get the insurance to pay for, for example, gutters and downspouts, A/C, painting, screens, siding, etc., you can keep that Actual Cash Value money (ACV), and use it to help cover your deductible

Not only do we help the adjuster see damage to the roof, but we help them see damage to the entire property. Most of our clients end up making money off a hail claim, and getting a new roof.

Note: Use the following steps to easily handle the claim process with your insurance company and by using Good Faith Contracting to work with the insurance adjuster along with doing the work. Click on the Plus(+) symbol to open up the instructions per step and you can close a step by clicking on the Minus(-) symbol.

Steps to Filing a Claim

Take a moment to contact us by Request an Inspection online or by calling us at 913-226-7073.

After the inspection has found that there is enough damage to file a claim, contact your insurance company 1-800 number or file it online as shown below.

After the claim is filed, they will assign it to an adjuster to inspect it. When the adjuster calls to schedule, get in touch with us to put it on our schedule. We’ll try to meet the adjuster there to help them see the damage. Not only with the roof, but with everything else. Including gutters, downspouts, screens, a/c, paint, etc.. For doing this work, the client agrees to use Good Faith Contracting to replace at least the roof, for what the insurance pays.

If we are unable to meet the adjuster, we will go back and reinspect the property to make sure nothing was missed. If anything was missed, we’ll document it, then send a new estimate to insurance to approve. For this work, the client agrees to have Good Faith Contracting do the work for what the insurance pays.

Sometimes the bank needs a copy of the insurance scope and a signed contract with a contractor.  Please check with your bank first. When the first check comes in, if there’s a mortgage company listed on it, then their endorsement is needed first. Once that comes back, then you sign it and deposit it into your bank.

When the check is deposited, contact us to set up a time to go over the scope of work to decide what work you would like to have us do, along with the roof. We sign a contract, collect 50% down payment for the work. Then we order the material, and schedule the date for install.

Once the work is complete, we turn in the invoice to the insurance company, and the final depreciation check is released to the customer. When the customer is satisfied with the work, they pay us the remaining amount.