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If you’re concerned about your roof, reach out to Good Faith Contracting Inc. today. Our roofing services team located in Olathe, KS provides free roof inspections to homeowners in Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.

If a storm has damaged your home, you can depend on Good Faith Contracting Inc. to help. We offer a wide range of Storm Damage Restoration services throughout the entire Kansas City Metropolitan area and Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. When hail storms, tornadoes, high winds, and ice storms hit we have the expertise to make your property livable again.

When you need repair help around your house, choose Good Faith Contracting Inc. We’re a go-to home remodeling service for Olathe, KS and the Kansas City Metropolitan area. You can hire us to handle all of your interior and exterior installation and repair needs. We make it easy to maintain your house.

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We are considered a "construction" business so under the Covid-19 virus designation we are an β€œEssential Service” that is required to help protect people's homes.

Under the Stay At Home Order and in doing my part to not spread the Covid-19 virus, we are not able to go door-to-door when hail storms, high wind storms, and other external damage to your home happens. Please use the links below to reach out to us so we can arrange a time to come by your home to review what will make your home safe again.