After a storm, one of the most commonly damaged parts of any structure is the roof.

For the uninsured, the roofing is among the most expensive parts of the home or business to restore or replace. At Good Faith Contracting, we can help. When a storm hits and your home or business is destroyed, you may need roof repair. You can count on us to restore your property when you need extensive storm restoration services.

Wind, hail, tornado, and water damage results in a difficult experience for any family or business. Hiring an experienced team of professionals is an important step in reducing some of the disruption and stress that can occur. At Good Faith Contracting we understand your sense of urgency to return your life to normal as quickly as possible.


Our team will work with your insurance company to make sure they fully pay  for what is needed.

Even if you are properly insured, the hassles and time spent dealing with the insurance company can be costly and burdensome. That is why we work closely with your insurance carrier to ensure that they give you a fair damage assessment. Good Faith Contracting will make sure you get the money you deserve to have your roof restoration completed and at many times without a deductible. We’ll put your mind at ease knowing that we will take care of the insurance company for you!

Here are some things that we recommend you follow and allow us to make sure is done to effectively handle your insurance company claims:

  • Make sure that a professional roof repair and replacement company like Good Faith Contracting is on premises at the same time that the insurance company is there
  • Because insurance companies miss things we will use extensive experience and proven methods to make sure nothing is missed in the damage assessment report
  • If the insurance company has already been out let us take new pictures and create an estimate to submit to the insurance company – this is well worth the time and effort as we have seen a much better result for you with the insurance company
  • We will do the work exactly as it is stipulated by the insurance company agreement
  • Many inspections are done at ground level only – IT IS NEARLY impossible to inspect the roof from the ground and you need to make sure a hail or wind damage expert does the inspection on the roof
  • Due to our years of experience serving thousands of home and business customers we look for other damaged areas to add to your assessment which can eliminate any out of pocket expense resulting in a FREE Roof

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